Campus Guidelines

UConn continues in-person instruction with the confidence that when we work together, we can succeed. Maintaining safety precautions and following the community expectations are necessary acts of support for all members of UConn Nation. We are mitigating risk through sound protocols and prevention efforts involving vaccination and testing, health screening and monitoring, community engagement, structural prevention measures, and cleaning and hygiene.

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is currently not required inside or outside.


Outside: Masks are not required.

Inside: Masks are not required in most settings with some exceptions, as noted below. The University always supports the wearing of masks by our community.

Masks Distancing Special Considerations
Instructional Settings, including Classrooms, Labs, Studios, and Rehearsal Rooms Not required* Not required *Required in clinical spaces used for instruction
Library Facilities Not required Not required
Indoor Events/Meetings Not required
Outdoor Events Not required Not required
Research Labs Not required
Not required
Academic Performance Labs, Studio and Practice Spaces (including von der Mehden and CRT venues) Not required but recommended; bell covers recommended on wind and brass instruments* Not required
Jorgensen Performing Arts Center Not required, but preferred* Not required

*For certain performances, attendees may be required to wear masks, as required by established artist contracts

Private office or cubicle  Not required Not required
Common Spaces (Indoors)

Not required

Not required
Common Spaces (Outdoors) Not required Not required

Not required

Not required
Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) Facilities and other clinical settings
Required Not required Includes clinics and temporary facilities as well as SHaW buildings.