To keep our community safe and to keep the University open, UConn is employing various methods of testing in its large residential populations at the Storrs campus to stay on top of COVID-19 transmission, preventing outbreaks and reducing the need for large-scale residential quarantines.

Individual Diagnostic Testing

Random diagnostic tests are being carried out on the Storrs campus to identify individual cases and isolate them before they spread, and individuals may request diagnostic tests whether or not they have symptoms.

For students, learn more at the Student Health and Wellness COVID-19 Information page.

Faculty and staff can learn more about employee testing on the HR website.

Surveillance Testing

In addition to testing both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals, UConn is using pooled surveillance screening of both wastewater and saliva samples on the Storrs campus to identify areas of viral concentration even before individuals in those areas show symptoms or receive positive clinical tests.

Visit covid-testing.uconn.edu for more information on our surveillance testing efforts.